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Fall Veggie Planting

Sowing Cool Season Crops

With 90 degree heat outside, it's nice to think about the fall.  Now is the perfect time to start sowing cool season seeds for your fall veggie garden.  Seeds planted in July and August will reach maturity in September, just as the weather is cooling off.  Below are listed the number of days to harvest for some of the most popular cool season veggies.  Just count back the number of days from the first fall frost date, for us around October 11th.  Many cool season crops tolerate light frosts very well so you can expect extended harvest periods.

Cool Season Veggies

Radish 30 days
Spinach 40 days
Endive 45 days
Turnips 50 days
Collards 55 days
Cucumbers 55 days
Summer Squash 48 - 55 days
Beets 60 days
Bush Beans 60 days
Lettuce 60 days
Kale 60 days
Kohlrabi 55 - 60 days
Swiss chard 60 days 
Peas 65 days
Broccoli 65 days
Carrots 70 days
Snap Beans 70 days 
Cabbage 85 days 
Rutebega 90 days


Weekend Specials

Friday - Saturday - Sunday

Espoma Garden-Tone
One of our favorite organic fertilizers is Espoma's Garden-tone.  Garden-tone is an all natural plant food formulated specifically for vegetable gardens. It is safe, long lasting, and will provide the nutrients necessary for vigorous and productive plants. Garden-tone's all natural formula contains Bio-tone, Espoma's proprietary blend of beneficial microbes. Bio-tone biologically enhances our natural plant food to ensure superior plant growth.  Use it for your spring or fall veggies .  Garden Tone will stay good as long as it's stored in a dry place.  

18 lbs. Espoma Garden Tone
Regularly $16.99
Now $4 OFF

Quart Annual Basket Stuffers
and Quart Perennials

Three for $10


Car and Flower Show

Tuesday, August 12th

imageCome check out some cool rides and vote for your favorite new flower varieties for 2015!

Car Show!

Welby Gardens

Flower Trials! 

Great Specials!

Hot Dog, Chips and a Drink for $1
all proceeds go to FACES



Bugs and Weeds

All the hot and wet weather we've been having creates the perfect conditions for bugs and weeds.  But we've got everything you need to keep your garden healthy and pest free this summer!


Cut Vine and Stump Killer
Kills vines, stumps, brush and broadleaf weeds, but not grass. Formulated for fast and even uptake by foliage, shoots and roots for complete and permanent control. Prevents resprouting of stumps.

Regularly $9.99
Now Just $7.99


Wasp and Hornet
Kills harmful stinging insects like hornets and wasps.

Regularly $3.99
imageNow Just $2.99


Eight Garden Dust
A fast and effective insecticide kills and repels
many common garden bugs including Japanese Beetle.
Regularly $4.99
Now Just $3.99

Garden Dust
A natural insecticide and fungicide
for use on flowers, fruit and veggies.

Regularly $6.99
Now Just $5.99



For more information about planting shrubs and other garden topics,
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