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Rocky Mountain Perennials

From the Sand Dunes to Pikes Peak, from the Eastern Plains to the Western Slope; is there any doubt that Colorado is the greatest state in the whole country?  Just think of those poor flatlanders who’ve never known the sublime serenity of a Rocky Mountain sunset or the charm and beauty of Denver, the Queen City of the Plains.  Yes, we are truly lucky to live in such a wonderful corner of the universe.

However, as with most wonderful things, there are trade-offs.  Ask any recent transplants who have tried to recently transplant their favorite flowers from back home.  Gardening in Colorado can be a trial.  That’s why, with a little help from our friends at Hines Nursery, we at O’Toole’s (serving Colorado for over 30 years, ahem), have compiled a list of Rocky Mountain Perennials who love the Centennial State just as much as you!   


Slideshow Key

  • Light indicates how much sunlight the plant needs.  Here in Denver, because of the altitude and dryness, ‘sun’ generally means 6 hours of sunlight.  
  • Zone refers to the USDA Hardiness Zone.  These zones measure the plant’s resistance to cold.  The lower the zone, the more cold-hardy the plant is.  Most of the perennials in this list are either:
    Zone 4     -20°F to -30°F
    Zone 5     -10°F to -20°F
  • Altitude means the highest altitude at which the plant will thrive.  This is an important number to keep in mind, especially if you live in the foothills.

Deer Resistant is a word many Colorado gardeners look for.  While no plant is totally “deer proof,” the plants marked Deer Resistant are ones that are rarely browsed by deer.  For more Deer Resistant plants, check out our Fact Sheet


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