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Concern Weed Prevention Plus

Get Corny!

Why did the bicycle fall over?  It was too tired!

What do you call a grasshopper with an injured leg?  Unhoppy!

What did the hat say to the other hat? "You stay here, I'll go on a head!"

What do you call a fake noodle? An Impasta!

Did you hear about those new corduroy pillows?  They're making headlines everywhere!

Aw, shucks that was corny! You know what else is corny?
Concern Weed Preventer.  Concern is an all-natural, organic weed preventer made from corn gluten.  Certain proteins found in corn gluten meal inhibit seed germination and stop plants from sprouting.

Concern is designed for use on established turf grass and lawns as a natural pre-emergent herbicide and a slow release fertilizer.  It prevents a wide range of common lawn weeds including the two biggies: dandelions and crabgrass.  It will prevent any seeds from germinating, but it won't kill existing weeds. 

The trick to using Concern, or any corn gluten weed preventer, is timing.   A good rule of thumb is to apply the product when crocuses are blooming or when forsythia blooms drop.     


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5 Reasons to Add Mulch Now

Mulch Much?  You Should!


Adding organic mulch in early spring does way more than make your garden look polished with beauty, color and texture.  Organic mulch reduces water usage, controls weeds, keeps soil consistently moist, protects roots and boosts the health of your soil. And, we're just getting started!   Learn why you must mulch this spring with these easy tips!


2 cu. ft. Bags of Bark Mulch
$6.99 or 3 for 20


Vole Patrol

Control the Voles Leaving Holes in Your Knolls

We've been getting a lot of questions about vole damage.  Sometimes called meadow mice, voles are small (4" to 8" long) rodents with brown or black hair. Voles feed on plant roots, vegetables, grasses, tubers and gnaw the bark of trees. Voles travel in aboveground runways through tall grasses or groundcovers that connect their burrows. Snow cover hides voles from predators, so damage is usually visible in early spring as snow starts to melt.  There are four vole control methods, habitat control, exclusion, repellent and trapping.  Read about all four in our Mole Control Fact Sheet.

Bonide MoleMAX

We recommend Bonide MoleMax repellent for voles. It is a castor oil based product and is labeled not only for voles and moles but for skunks and rabbits, too. Apply around your lawn or garden and then reapply in widening concentric circles to drive voles gradually away.


  32 oz. Hose End Spray

5 lbs. Bottle

10 lbs. Bag


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Saturday, April 25th 

Rose Care 11:00 AM to 12:00 AM
Roses are unique among all flowers.  We'll show you how to care for your roses all year long including fertilizing, pruning and winter protection.

Pest Management and Beneficial Bugs 12:30 PM - 1:30 PM
All kinds of insects and other animals are frequent visitors to our gardens.  We'll talk about how to get rid of the pests and encourage the beneficial.





Veggie Garden Planning

Get Your Garden Growing!

 April is a great time to look ahead and start planning your veggie garden.   Check out our 2015 Vegetable Planting calendar to help you plan your planting.  The calendar isn't set in stone, it's just a  guideline that shows about when to plant certain veggies relative to the last average frost date.  

Last Average Frost Date

The last average frost date is the date after which you wouldn't expect any more freezing weather. As Mother Nature is not exactly known for her punctuality, the last frost date is more of an estimation, rather than a specific day.  A good rule of thumb is that the last average frost date occurs on or around Mother's Day.  But that can certainly vary.  The CSU Extension Office offers these guidelines based on 47 years of observation: 

After May 2nd - 50% Chance of Frost
After May 12th - 20% Chance of Frost
After May 18th - 10% Chance of Frost


Bayer Season Long

Save on Six Months of Weed Control

 Bayer Season Long is a new pre- and post-emergent weed killer that kills existing weeds and prevents new weeds for up to 6 months.  It's one of the easiest dandelion and broadleaf weed controls around.  You can spray anytime from spring to fall when the temperature is between 50 to 90 degrees.  One 24 oz. bottle treats up to 3,750 sq. ft. of turf grass.

And All This Month

Bayer Season Long 24 oz. Ready-to-Spray
- $3.00 In-Store Savings
- $5.00 Mail in Rebate
Just $11.99!

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