Ask any recent newcomer to Colorado how it went when they tried to transplant their favorite flowers from back home. Colorado gardeners have learned to identify and adapt to the unique, varied climate conditions and growing seasons we find here in Colorado. Our hot summer days with intense high altitude sunlight and drying winds, combined with cool nights, can work to the gardener's advantage with proper planning. At O'Toole's Garden Centers we have 37 years of experience identifying the annuals that are perfectly suited for Colorado that will provide a dynamic blast of color to your garden this year. Here are just a few of the hundreds of annuals we carry at all three of our locations.

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These popular and varied annuals, sometimes called African Daisies, offer a wide variety of flower forms and colors. Osteos are drought tolerant and can stand poor soil, but they look their best with well-drained, rich soil and regular irrigation. They look wonderful along driveways or paths or in borders, rock gardens and containers.