These days, hydroponics gardening is more popular and it's easy to see why; you can extend your growing season indefinitely and enjoy beautiful flowers and delicious produce all year long.  No matter what the weather is like outside, you can be growing vegetables, herbs, tropical flowers, African violets and orchids all from the comfort of your home.  

Hydroponics (from the  Greek hydros, "water", and ponos, "labor") is basically growing plants in water without soil.  People have been experimenting with soil-less cultivation nearly since the begging of agriculture.  They’ve found that if a plant is provided with sufficient nutrients and support, it can be successfully grown without soil.  In hydroponics, the plant grows in an inert growing medium, like clay pebbles, coco peat or even packing peanuts, and all the nutrients are supplied by you.   

There are many benefits to growing plants without dirt.  First of all, plants are safe from all the bugs, weeds, fungus and other diseases that occur in soil.  Also, a hydroponics setting is much more efficient than a regular soil setting.  You control all the water and nutrients directly; so it’s kind of like spoon feeding the plant, giving it exactly what it needs.  Nothing is wasted, so you’ll use less water and fertilizer. Plus, the plant’s roots don’t need to push through heavy soil or compete with other plants and weeds, which results in a larger production and bigger growth.  

Jump Start Grow Light System


The Jump Start Grow Light System is perfect for growing seedlings, cuttings, flowers, house plants and vegetables all year long.  It comes with a super efficient T5 light that provides 15 to 20% more lumens than ordinary grow lights, allowing for fast growing seedlings. The perfect starter kit for indoor gardening!

Emily’s Garden Seed Starting Kits

In Emily's Garden, each plant thrives in its own small one-gallon container which stands in a reservoir filled with nutrient solution. Fresh air is bubbled through the solution to provide the high oxygen level needed for robust growth. Comes complete and ready-to-run; just add seeds, light and water! Units include grow rocks, enough liquid all-purpose nutrient for a first crop, six grow containers and complete instructions for easy operation.

Hydrofarm Megagarden Seed Starting Mix

Hydrofarm Megagarden Hydroponic Gardening System  also comes with everything you need to get started.  The system comes with a 7-1/2-gallon reservoir, a pump, a timer, rock-wool growing media, nutrient solution, a pH tester and complete instructions.  The Megagarden works on an Ebb and Flow system which mimics natural feeding cycles.  Nutrient solution is contained in the reservoir below the tray.  At specific times, the timer goes off and a pump floods the tray with the solution.  Then automatically drains back into the reservoir, where it can be recycled.