Five Fabulous Fall Flowers

With the fall almost upon us, summer patio pots, hanging baskets and window boxes might be starting to look a little played out. As your petunias and summer annuals start to fade, refresh your container and garden with these fresh fall favorites!

1. Pansies –Pansies thrive in the cool weather of the fall and early spring and will bloom right up until the first frost of the season. They come in a rainbow of vibrant colors and are a great replacement for summer annuals that have run out of steam.

2. Mums – The classic fall flower, mums are an absolute must for the fall garden. Mums bloom profusely and provide a much needed burst of color to your summer-worn pots and garden. They’re also incredibly hardy, providing beautiful fall color until the winter comes.

3. Ornamental Kale and Cabbage – These vegetable cousins are grown for their striking foliage. They do great in the cool weather of early fall and provide bright color into the early winter. Dark purples, blues, pinks and greens contrast well with the brighter colors of pansies and mums.

4. Asters - Asters are another great fall replacement for your patio pots or garden. These perennials have blooms that are somewhat similar to mums and they’re equally as long lasting. Asters bloom in blues, whites, pinks and purples until the first frost.

5. Grasses – Though they don't bloom, ornamental grasses are easy to grow and provide great fall interest. Their tall seed plumes last from the fall throughout the winter. A tall ornamental grass like Karl Foerster or Maiden Grass makes a perfect centerpiece for a fall-themed patio pot.

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