A vegetable garden is healthy, economic and a whole lot of fun!  Here at O'Toole's, we've found that a lot of people would love to grow their own veggies but they just don't know where to begin. So we've compiled some simple tips and tricks to help you grow some of the most popular garden vegetables. From when to plant and when to harvest to care and feeding, these simple tips will have you growing tasty, healthy vegetables in no time!


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Sow directly in the ground 4 – 6 weeks before last average frost date Spinach doesn’t transplant well Sow approximately ½” deep and 2” apart in wide rows For a continuous harvest, sow continuously every 2 weeks until daytime temperatures average above 75 degrees Cover seeds with a fine soil and keep evenly moist until germination Thin out seedlings to 6” apart when 4” tall to prevent bolting Harvesting by pulling the entire plant when leaves are still young