The evergreens are the type of trees that most people think of when they think of the mountains and landscaping in Colorado. Evergreens are an attractive addition to any yard, but evergreens need specific planting and care to flourish. In looking for the right evergreen,  you need to consider the size of the space you are looking to fill and the whether or not the species will flourish in Colorado's unique conditions. O'Toole's has a variety of evergreens that are perfectly suited for any space and thrive in Colorado.

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Upright Juniper

Upright junipers grow very tall and very thin, forming dense columns of green. There are several varieties, but all are perfect for accents and backgrounds. Planted in a row, they can be used as a privacy screen or to mimic Italian cypresses for a Mediterranean flavor. Junipers like full sun and are drought tolerant once established.