Apple Valley Greenhouse

Friday May 7, 2021

O'Toole's Staff

Many of our annuals come from Apple Valley Greenhouse in Penrose Colorado. Apple Valley sources beautiful annuals from around the world and plants them in Colorado so they can deal with our unique climate. Video Tour!

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How to Protect Your Plants from Late Freeze and Snow

Monday April 24, 2023

Did you know that after May 2, there’s a still 50% chance of frost in Denver? Don’t let that stop you from getting your garden started now! O’Toole’s offers frost blankets and other products to help protect your plans from hard freezes. If you’re a vegetable gardener, we recommend this Insulated Plant Protector/Mini Greenhouse from Dalen. Tubes of water to insulate young …

Planting Winter Crops: A Guide to Growing Shallots, Onions, and Garlic

Tuesday April 18, 2023

As the weather turns colder, many gardeners are ready to pack up their tools and wait until spring to start planting again. But why wait when you can start growing delicious winter crops? At O’Tools, you can find a variety of bulbs and plants perfect for winter gardening, including shallots, onions, and garlic. When planting shallots, it’s important to remember …

5 Tips for Seed Starting

Monday April 17, 2023

Know your last frost date & use the seed packet to know when to start. Use Coco coir pots on a seed tray. Keep the soil loose. Don’t pack it in. Water from the bottom. Fill the tray to keep soil moist. Cover until the seedlings emerge to keep moisture in. Bonus! Heated seed mats give some seeds a boost.

5 Common Beginner Gardening Mistakes to Avoid

Monday April 17, 2023

Gardening can be a fulfilling and rewarding hobby, but it’s important to avoid common mistakes to achieve the best results. Whether you’re a beginner gardener or starting a plot in a new space, starting too big can lead to less than great yields. Starting small and adding on as you learn about pest control, soil composition, weeds, and light is …

Late Bloomers: Planting Bulbs for a Beautiful Garden

Monday April 17, 2023

Are you feeling like you missed your chance to plant bulbs this year? Fear not! It’s not too late to create a stunning garden full of vibrant colors and unique textures. At O’Toole’s Garden Centers, there are still plenty of bulb options to choose from, including cannas, lilies, dahlias, and elephant ears. To start, mix cow and compost into your …

Planting Summer Color Bulbs

Monday April 17, 2023

Get ready to add some color to your garden this summer with bulbs from O’Toole’s Garden Centers! With a variety of gladiolas, dahlias, and lilies to choose from, you can create a beautiful display of color in your outdoor space. Planting summer bulbs is easy, just follow the instructions on the back of the packaging and plant the bulbs pointy …

A Beginner’s Guide to Planting Potatoes in Containers

Monday April 17, 2023

Are you interested in growing your own potatoes, but don’t have the space for a traditional garden? No problem! With a few simple steps, you can easily grow potatoes in containers right at home. Here’s how: Choose Your Seed Potatoes Visit O’Toole’s Garden Centers to find seed potatoes that are suitable for container growing. Once you have your seed potatoes, …

Thank you Littleton for 30 years!

Friday August 26, 2022

After 30 years of business, we have made the difficult decision to close our Littleton location at the end of August. Due to real estate expansions near the property, we lack adequate parking to safely and effectively run our store, which led us to the ultimate decision to close our doors in the fall. We want to extend our warmest …

An Inside look into one of our local growers, Botany Lane

Tuesday May 3, 2022

At O’Toole’s Garden Centers, we are proud to work with Colorado growers like Botany Lane. Thom from Botany Lane to find out how that might work. In Tom’s words “Botany Lane is Botany lane is a local grower here in Colorado, and our brand is ‘Just Dig It’ which is produced in-house for the Colorado Market.” Just dig it is …