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O'Toole's Garden Center's mission is to cultivate beautiful gardens, happy employees and thriving communities. Visit O'Toole's for the plants, the products, and the expert advice you need to grow the garden of your dreams. O'Toole's is proud to be a local, family owned business with over 40 years of heritage. We offer high quality garden products at affordable prices, so everyone can enjoy spending time together outside with friends and family. Let's grow together!

Our stores are looking for energetic, positive, flexible, and dependable seasonal employees to fill several roles to support our business!...Read More
March 8, 2021
Our stores are looking for energetic, positive, flexible, and dependable seasonal employees to fill several roles to support our business!

Featured Plant & Product


Houseplants are more than just pretty decorations. Study after study has shown that living with plants provides real, measurable health benefits. Houseplants can improve your health, lift your mood and even make you more productive.

Houseplant Food

Espoma Organic Indoor Houseplant Food promotes growth and greening. The all-natural fertilizer contains beneficial microbes that ensure superior results. Mix with water and thoroughly drench the soil of the plant. Repeat every 2-4 weeks.

Chris Ibsen

Store Manager – Littleton

Over 30 years with O’Toole’s! A true gardening  expert! Email Chris Favorite plant: Evergreen

Tips on Planting Bulbs for the winter

O’Toole’s has a great variety of bulbs. Click for tips on planting bulbs in the winter.

5 Stylish (and Easy!) Houseplants

HGTV has once again named indoor gardening as one of their Top Gardening Trends. Filling your house with plants creates a harmonious mixture of natural beauty and stylish decor. And when you can marry style with easy care, you’ve really got it made!

Early Season Vegetables

As we start to get teasing peaks of spring, you might find yourself eyeing your veggie garden and getting ideas. While the main veggie planting period is still a few months off, there are some great cool season crops you can start right now. If you’re itching to start scratching around in the garden, give these a try! Rhubarb If …

Indoor Plant Decor
Ways to use Indoor Plants in your Home Decor

Our home came with a nice, large and bright sunroom (it was built in the early 1970’s so that is pretty typical).

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