A herb garden is healthy, economic and a whole lot of fun!  Here at O'Toole's, we've found that a lot of people would love to grow their own herbs but they just don't know where to begin. So we've compiled some simple tips and tricks to help you grow some of the most popular herbs. From when to plant and when to harvest to care and feeding, these simple tips will have you growing tasty herbs in no time!


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Flat Leaf Parsley

Flat leaf or Italian parsley is one of the two main cultivars of parsley. It tends to have a more robust flavor than curly variety which is used more as a garnish Start seeds indoors 8 weeks before last average frost and plant outside 2 weeks after last frost – or when soil temperature reaches 50 degrees Germination of seeds is unpredictable. Soaking the seed for 24 hours will help speed up the germination Although parsley is a biennial, the second year foliage is not as good tasting