O'Toole's University

Shake off those winter 'blahs' and get ready for spring with our O’Toole’s University series of garden classes running from February to March.  We'll be talking about all kinds of gardening topics - everything from veggie gardens to succulents.  Whether you're a greenhorn or green thumb, it’s a great opportunity to get your questions answered and maybe learn something new.  And best of all, unless otherwise posted, all O’Toole’s U classes are absolutely free!  Just sign up online or at the store today.

Kitchen Sink Herb Garden

All Stores | April 12 | 6:00PM - 7:00PM

Need a pinch of basil?  A dash of oregano?  With a Kitchen Sink Herb Garden, you’ll always have fresh, gourmet herbs at your finger-tips!  In the class will show you how to combine the joys of indoor gardening with the joys of cooking.  We’ll talk about the best herbs to grow indoors and pass along some helpful tips and tricks to help your plants thrive and maybe share a recipe or two.  Bon Appetit!