Free True Organics Liquid Fertilizer

Extravaganza - May 28 & 29

Free 16oz True Organics liquid fertilizer with any plant purchase, while supplies last.

$15 Off Best Sellers

Extravaganza - May 28 & 29

$15 OFF: 12" Hanging Baskets, Roses, Patio Pots, & All 5+ Gallon Grasses! While supplies last.

43% Off Trees

Extravaganza - May 28 & 29

43% Off all 10-20 gallon trees! 1 percent discount for each year we've been open! Restrictions apply.

Bark & Mulch 5 for $10

Extravaganza - May 28 & 29

Mountain West Bark & Mulch 5 for $10. Regularly $7.99 each.

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Apple Valley Greenhouse

Many of our annuals come from Apple Valley Greenhouse in Penrose Colorado. Apple Valley sources beautiful annuals from around the world and plants them in Colorado so they can deal with our unique climate. Video Tour!

An Inside look into one of our local growers, Botany Lane

At O’Toole’s Garden Centers, we are proud to work with Colorado growers like Botany Lane. Thom from Botany Lane to find out how that might work. In Tom’s words “Botany Lane is Botany lane is a local grower here in Colorado, and our brand is ‘Just Dig It’ which is produced in-house for the Colorado Market.” Just dig it is …

How To Plant Grass Seed with Todd from Buffalo Seed Company

When it comes to your lawn, keeping things healthy and sustainable is so important! So I met up with Todd from Buffalo Seed Company (sold at my favorite- O’Toole’s!) in his yard to go over three things: First, the importance of aerating your existing lawn. I’ll be the first to admit that I didn’t understand the need, but Todd explained …

Mother’s Day Centerpiece

Mother’s Day is coming up and we have some table inspiration from @homewithholliday for the plant lover inside of you! This table measures an amazing selection of fresh herbs, house plants and succulents – all from O’Toole’s Garden Centers. This tablescape not only smells great and is visually vibrant with greenery but will last for weeks as a dining table …

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2020 Garden Giveaway Winners!

September 18, 2020
It was so inspiring to see all the creativity and gardening passion out there! Check out the winners of our 2020 Garden Giveaway! Read Full Blog Entry…
Ask a Gardener – Japanese Beetle
June 11, 2020
Japanese Beetles damage plants as both adults and larvae. Adults feed on soft leaf tissue, leaving skeletonized foliage. Larvae feed on roots, especially turf grass, leaving dead, brown patches in the lawn. Cech out this blog entry for tips and products to address both the larvae and the adult bugs. Read more
New To Seed Starting

Seed Starting for Beginners

Thursday February 24, 2022

The first thing on my to-do list for spring is starting seeds! I head to O’Toole’s to pick up some essentials like Espoma Organic Seed Starting Soil, Plant Best compostable pots and trays, and seeds! If you’d like an extra head start on the season, adding a seedling heat mat from Jump Start and a Agrobrite Grow Light can also be useful tools.

One of the easiest things about starting seeds is that all of the instructions you need are listed on the back of the seed packets you pick up. I like to prep my trays and pots by filling them most of the way up with the seed starting soil, and then add indentations based on the seed packets’ instructions. After sprinkling in seeds, gently top off the soil and water thoroughly. I like to use a greenhouse to keep up humidity levels, but many seed-starting trays come with plastic humidity covers that work just as well! Keep them well-watered and in sunshine and you’ll start to see seedlings soon!

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