Thinking about planting a tree? Are you envisioning planting a little sapling that will one day shade your home during hot summers to come or are you looking for a tree to add a specific ornamental flair to your yard or is your dream to plant a tree that provides delicious fruit throughout the summer. Many types of shade, ornamental and fruit trees can be grown in Colorado. Key factors to consider are tree hardiness, the length of time of cold dormancy, growing season length requirements, and disease susceptibility. Here are just a few examples of trees that the gardening experts at O'Toole's Garden Center know will thrive here in Colorado and recommend adding to your yard. 

Shade Providing Trees

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Ornamental Trees

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Fruit Trees

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Fast growing and tough, cottonwoods are especially well suited to areas like ours with hot summers and cold winters. Sometimes known as poplars, Cottonwoods are beautiful upright trees with distinctive triangular leaves and beautiful fall color. Male varieties don’t produce the prodigious cottony seeds that give the tree its name.