Tree cut by saw

5 Essential Christmas Tree Care Tips (Video)

Wednesday December 6, 2017

1. Get a Fresh Cut - When you buy a tree at O'Toole's, we'll cut off about 1.5" inches from the bottom of the trunk. This will help the tree absorb as much water as possible. Keep the fresh cut bottom clean and unharmed to maximize the water intake.

2. Store your tree properly before you display it - If you aren't going to be putting up your tree right away, you can store it for a few days in a cool place like a shed or garage. Make sure the trunk is in a bucket of water. Fresh evergreens can take up an amazing amount of water - up to a full gallon in the first 24 hours away from the store, so be sure to keep a close eye on the water level and refill it if it gets too low.

3. Keep your tree away from heat sources - Fireplaces, heaters, heat vents and direct sunlight can dry out your tree. Use Christmas lights that produce low heat to help keep your tree fresh for as long as possible.

4. Make sure the tree has enough water - Christmas trees are essential gigantic cut flowers. Like all cut flower arrangements, they should be displayed in water. Good tree stands should provide 1 quart of water per 1 inch of trunk diameter. Check the water level every day and keep the bottom of the trunk submerged.

5. Add a Tree Preservative (Optional) - While not strictly necessary, a Christmas tree preservative can give you extra piece of mind during the holiday season. Preservatives help promote liquid absorption and needle retention for a fresher tree all season long. Every brand has their own formulas, but most contain some kind of fiber softeners and essential nutrients and minerals. And using it couldn't be easier. Just pour the preservative into your water bowl