5 Stylish (and Easy!) Houseplants

Tuesday February 20, 2018

HGTV has once again named indoor gardening as one of their Top Gardening Trends for 2018. Filling your house with plants creates a harmonious mixture of natural beauty and stylish decor. And when you can marry style with easy care, you’ve really got it made! Here are some of the best trendy houseplants that are also a snap to care for.

1. Peace Lily – True classics never go out of style, and the Peace Lily is one of the all-time classic houseplants. They’re dependable, easy to care for and very forgiving. Peace Lilies also have a kind of built in water meter. If you see the white flowers start to droop, that’s a sign to give them some water. After that they’ll perk right back up!

2. Snake Plant – These houseplant succulents are sometimes also called Mother-In-Law’s Tounge, because of their sharp apperance. And, maybe also because they are very easy to ignore. Believe it or not, Snake Plant is one of the only houseplants that actually thrives on neglect. Just put them in indirect light, check them occasionally for water and let them do their thing. Plus, snake plants don’t mind being rootbound, which means you can plant them in a small pot to get that tidy upright look that is very popular these days.

3. Pothos – Despite one of its common nicknames, The Devil’s Ivy, Pothos is a simply divine houseplant. It needs water every 7 – 10 days at the most, and usually even less frequently than that. Pothos is a trailing plant, which means it’s glossy variegated foliage will spill out of the pot. This makes it really versatile for decoration. Drape it over a table or shelf or put it in an indoor hanging basket.

4. Succulents – Succulents have been the “it” houseplant for some time now, and it’s easy to see why. Not only do they come enough colors and textures to make the hippest of interior decorators’ swoon, they are also nearly foolproof to care for. Since they store water in the spongy leaves, they don’t need much from you. For more information about growing thes , check out our Succulents blog.

5. Tilisandria – We’ve talked about some plants that don’t need water, but here’s a plant that doesn’t even need soil! Also called Air Plant, tillisandia absorbs all its nutrients and water from the air. Dunk the whole plant in water about once a week and you’re set to go. Best of all they can be anchored almost anywhere you like. Hang them on a string, in a small terrarium, on a decorative rock or piece of drift wood for maximum cute factor!

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