An Inside look into one of our local growers, Botany Lane

Tuesday May 3, 2022

At O’Toole’s Garden Centers, we are proud to work with Colorado growers like Botany Lane.

Thom from Botany Lane to find out how that might work. In Tom’s words “Botany Lane is Botany lane is a local grower here in Colorado, and our brand is ‘Just Dig It’ which is produced in-house for the Colorado Market.” Just dig it is a line of premiere plant genetics that are perfectly beautiful and fit for flourishing in home gardens.

But they’re not only local- Botany Lane is Veriflora certified, meaning that they employ best management practices not only for their growing practices but their employees as well. You’ll see some wonderfully sustainable practices like beneficial insect containers and habitats around their greenhouses that have helped them reduce their pesticide use by 95% in the last five years.

From planting in biodegradable Ellepot sleeves to mixing soil, inserting seedlings, watering, and tagging their plants, Botany Lane uses technology to streamline the process from seed to flourishing on O’Toole’s shelves and then our gardens.

Next time you’re at O’Toole’s Garden Centers, make sure to check out Botany Lane!