Ask A Gardener – Dog Spots in the Lawn

Friday April 27, 2018

Here in Colorado, we do love our doggies, But they can be hard on our lawns, especially when they decide a certain corner of the lawn is now their personal restroom. Dog urine contains excess amounts of nitrogen and salts that can affect your grass. Sometimes this can actually stimulate grass growth, causing little patches of tall green grass. After all, nitrogen is the key ingredient in lawn food. But more often then not, the excess nitrogen is too much and can burn the grass leaves causing brown or yellow spots in the lawn. This can happen with any kind of dog, but d

og spots are generally more common with larger breeds for the simple fact that they have bigger bladders. It’s also more common with female dogs since they tend to be “squatters" which concentrates the urine in one spot. The good news is that, while annoying, dog spots are one of the easier lawn problems to fix. Here are easy some things you can use to make sure Spots’ spots stay away

Water In this case, good ol’ fashioned H20 is really the best remedy. When you start to notice the damage, get out your garden hose and give the dog spots a thorough spray down. Really soak ’em. This will dilute the nitrogen and wash away excess salts. Once these elements are gone, the grass will usually recover on its own.
Water can also help on the front end of the problem, so to speak. Make sure your dog always has plenty of water to drink. The more water your dog drinks, the more diluted her urine will be and will cause less damage.

See Spot Run If you have spots all over the lawn, you might need a little extra help to wash them away. See Spot Run is one of the best dog spot treatments around. It contains loads of beneficial bacteria that eliminate salts, urea and excess nitrogen from the soil. These bacteria naturally multiply in the soil, which can actually help prevent new spots from forming, too.

Doggy PatchIf the grass doesn’t bounce back on its own, you may need to reseed the area. Amturf’s Dog Patch is an easy, all-in-one way to fix the problem. Dog Patch contains a strong mixture of more urine-resistant grasses like ryegrass and fescue along with bluegrass to blend seamlessly into the lawn. It also contains a paper compost and seed starter. All you do is sprinkle it on the affected areas and keep it watered.