How To Plant Grass Seed with Todd from Buffalo Seed Company

Monday April 25, 2022

When it comes to your lawn, keeping things healthy and sustainable is so important! So I met up with Todd from Buffalo Seed Company (sold at my favorite- O’Toole’s!) in his yard to go over three things:

First, the importance of aerating your existing lawn. I’ll be the first to admit that I didn’t understand the need, but Todd explained that essentially you’re just making pockets to fill with water, seed, and light which will not only help your grass grow more lush, but it will reduce your water needs in the long run! After aerating, we’ll use a fertilizer spreader to add in some more Economy Lawn Mix, and you can just leave the plugs to dissolve on their own!

Next, is a new seeding- growing grass from bare earth! For this Todd recommends adding a soil supplement like BOSS and potting soil (or top soil!) to ensure that there is organic matter where you’re planting. The most important thing about a new seeding is to ensure soil-seed contact. So spread an even layer of seed, rake it in, then top with soil.

Lastly, dog spots! Everyone with pups has these and they are so easy to fix! Start by using a three prong to rake out the dead grass, then create a mix. You can fill half of a five gallon bucket with potting soil and BOSS, toss with two handfuls of seed and just pat that mixture in! Simple as that!

Water everything well and you’ll have a healthy lawn in no time!