Wine and New Flowers, What Could Be Better?

Friday April 15, 2016

Thanks to everyone who came out to our April Wine Tasting Open Houses this week! We had a great turnout at all three events. We want to give a special thanks to Elizabeth and Applejack Wine and Spirits for providing the libations. Also a big thanks to Wendy from F.A.C.E.S., who talked about the Flowers for Families program, and Giovanna Romero from Welby Gardens who presented some brand new Hardy Boy annuals for 2016.


All of the annuals were chosen not only for their unique beauty, but also for their adaptability to Colorado gardens. “I’m a Survival of the Fittest gardener,” joked Giovana. “I plant it, I water it, I fertilize it and then it’s on its own. If it doesn’t make it, I yank it out and put something in that will grow.” Plus, they’ve all been grown according to Welby’s rigorous Hardy Boy standards. “We expose our plants to extremes of heat, drought and cold,” said Giovanna. “That way, when they experience those things in your garden, they’ll know how to act.” Here are a few of our favorite highlights:


Beedance Bidens


Bidens are a great container “spiller” annual with a trailing growth habit and bright, star-shaped flowers. Bidens used to come in only a single color, but not anymore! The Beedance series is the first ever bicolor biden, with striking red and yellow striped flowers. “These remind me of the old fashioned marigolds that used to be so popular,” says Giovanna. These bidens would be a great alternative to callebrachoa in hanging baskets or patio pots.


Confetti Trio


This was one of three new “multiliners” that Welby’s unveiled. “Multiliners have revolutionized the growing industry,” says Giovanna. Growers take cutting of three different but compatible plants and root them in the same plug, growing them together. You get three beautiful annuals in one pot. This Trio is called “Trafalgar Square,” and has three gorgeous new coleus varieties. Just choose a tall centerpiece, like dracaena or banana leaf, plant a few of these multiliners around it and Boom! Instant patio pot!


Night Sky Petunia

Night Sky Petunia was the belle of the ball at the flower trials in California. “They almost look like a painting,” says Giovanna. Each plant has its own unique swirl of blues and whites that creates an eye-popping effect. Pair them with other blues and whites or contrast with bright yellows for a really unique look.

You can check out all of the brand new Hardy Boy annuals from Welby Gardens here. We will have all of these annuals this year at all three of our locations. But they are subject to availability, so check with your local store. And don’t forget to mark your calendars for our next Open Houses, May 3rd, 4th and 5th, when we’ll be showing off some more new plants from the HGTV Home Collection!